Archaeological Museum of Syros

Syros Museum

In this tiny museum with findings from the island, you can take a break from the day's heat. The oldest exhibit is 5000 years old.

One of the rooms of the Archaeological Museum of Syros in Ermoupolis with exhibits close to the walls and a display.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

In the center of Ermoupolis, it is one of the oldest archaeological museums in our country. It was founded in 1834 and housed in the City Hall. It is an important monument of the city and architecturally, it is the work of the famous architect Ernst Ziller.

The Archaeological Museum of Syros was originally founded as the Central Prefectural Museum of the Cyclades due to the fact that Ermoupolis is the capital of the prefecture and included exhibits from all the islands of the Cyclades. Later, with the establishment of local museums on other islands, the museum's findings were narrowed to findings coming only from Syros.

What are the exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Syros?

The most important collection of the museum consists of findings from the settlement of Halandriani, dating to the 3rd millennium BC. Also very important are the exhibits from the 600 tombs of great scientific and historical value found in the same area and date to the Hellenistic era.

The museum also presents some random findings from Syros, several tombstones, and some sculptures, including an Egyptian black granite statuette donated to the museum and representing Priest Anhapis.

About Archaeological Museum of Syros

Last updated: 27 Apr 2021

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