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Inaugurated in 1864, its architectural design was inspired by four Italian theaters, including La Scala of Milan. It hosts music concerts and other events.

The exterior and the main entrance of the Apollon Theater in Ermoupolis of Syros
photo: Zacharias Mitzelos

It is definitely a symbol of the cultural and economical development of the island, while today the theater can accommodate 350 spectators, and it hosts performances, festivals and other cultural events.

When was the Apollo Theater of Ermoupolis founded?

The Municipal Theater of Apollo refllects the cultural and economic growth of Syros. It was built between 1862 and 1864 according to the designs of the Italian architect Pietro Sambo, wthile, i was inaugurated in 1864 with the opera performance Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi.

The theater was founded in 1862 close to the current Ioannis Vardakas square after the compelling request from the public due to the absence of a permanent theatrical building on the island. The construction costs reached 60,000 drachmas, a huge amount for the season, resulting in several reactions and objections.

The renovation of the Apollo Theater of Ermoupolis

The building underwent support improvements already from 1874 to 1896. While the destruction of World War II led to a major reconstruction that altered the building's appearance to some extent. The marks of the war and occupation were many and in 1959, after being deemed unsuitable and dangerous, the Municipal Council decided to renovate it.

The first phase of the renovation was completed in 1991 when it reopened after almost 40 years. The complete restoration of the theater finished in 2000 with architectural plans by Petros Pikionis which were approved by the Ministry of Culture.

About Apollon Theater, Ermoupolis

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021

address Vardaka Square, Ermoupoli, Syros, 841 00, Greece
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