Patras Carnival

Festival in Patras, West Greece

The biggest and oldest carnival festival in Greece with a history of more than 190 years starting in 1829 one year after Patras liberation.

It is undoubtedly the largest carnival celebration that takes place in Greece. The celebrations start on the 17th of January and finish on Shrove Monday. A number of parties, balls, and concerts take place almost every day with many people participating in all events dancing and having a great time.

The celebrations culminate with the Night "on foot" parade on Saturday before the Shrove Monday and a spectacular parade of floats and crew on Sunday. The soul of the celebrations is the crowd of thousands of people participating, who make those days an endless party.

Tourists who happen to visit Greece during the period of the Carnival, should definitely visit Patras and take part in a unique celebration and experience true fun!

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Last Update: 18 Jul 2020