Roman Odeon of Patras

Patras Attraction

A restored and operational conservatory that hosts theatrical and music events and dates from the Roman times.

It is located in the west part of the city. It was built in 170 BC, a decade earlier than the Herodion of Athens. According to Pausanias, the decoration and the magnificence of the theatre could only be compared with the conservatory of Athens.

It was built right next to the market and was hosting a big statue of Apollon. During the next centuries, earthquakes, wars, and conquers destroyed the building, the ruins were covered by mud and rocks and only a small part of it was visible. It was discovered in 1889 but the restoration project started in 1956.

Its capacity is 2300 spectators and the audience attend theatrical and musical performances here. A great experience foρ the city visitors during the summer is to visit the Roman Conservatory and attend a play of ancient Greece comedy or tragedy.

About Roman Odeon of Patras

Last updated: 19 Jul 2020

address Paleon Patron Germanou & Sotiriadou, Patra , Patras, 262 25, Greece
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