Saint Andrew Cathedral

Patras Attraction

The biggest church in Greece hosts Saint Andrew's relics which were stolen by Crusaders. The Catholic Church gave them back in 1964.

The front side and the main entrance of St. Andrew Cathedral of Patras.
photo: Public Domain

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the famous Saint Andrew Church of Patras is a very important religious landmark for every Orthodox Christian. According to the legend, the church was built exactly at the spot where Apostle Andrew martyred by crucifixion. It is the cathedral of the city while it is dedicated to the patron Saint of the city.

The new church was founded in 1908 and it was finished in 1974. The architect responsible for the project was Anastasios Metaxas and the church was finished under the supervision of mechanic George Nomikos. It’s among the 20 largest churches in the Balkan region, while its height is more than 46 meters and it has a capacity of 5500 people.

Next to the temple, there is still see the well of Saint Andrew, the place where he was teaching the word of Christ and the place where he was crucified. Apart from the religious reasons the church is also visited by people who want to admire interesting ecclesiastical art and architecture.

About Saint Andrew Cathedral

Last updated: 18 Feb 2021

address Evmilou 4, Patras, 262 22, Greece
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