King George Square, Patras

« Vas. Georgiou A »

Point of interest in Patras, West Greece

An image showing the fountain of the King George Square in the city of Patras.
photo: Fallacia83

Central square of the city founded in 1829 by the first Greek governor Ioannis Kapodistrias.

The most well-known square in the city. The initial name was Otto square, but most of the people call it Kalamogdarti, from the surname of a family that used to live there. When George A’ became king, the square took his name.

In 1902 most of the square was covered with trees that were planted there, while it was always the gathering place on major political and other events and demonstrations. In 1875 the square received notorious fame due to the excessive amount of money spent in order to cover the cost of the fountains.>/p>

Apart from political gatherings and demonstrations, it was also a cultural hub, since many singers were performing in bars and clubs of the square, as well as is was a meeting point for the attendants of the theatrical plays at theatre Apollo which is also located on the square.

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Last Update: 19 Oct 2020
address Pl. Geor. A, Patra 262 21, Greece
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