Archaeological Museum of Patras

Museum in Patras, West Greece

Inaugurated in 2009, it hosts artifacts from the Mycenaean civilization of the Bronze Age (1600-1100 BC) until the Roman period (4th AD).

The new archaeological museum of Patras is the second largest of Greece and it was a vision of former Minister of Culture and actress Melina Merkouri. It was built on an area of 28 acres including rooms of 8.000 square meters. The main characteristics of the museum are the dome made of metal as well as the cultural park that has started to be created next to it.

The exhibitions of the museum are divided into four separate rooms, three of them with permanent exhibitions and one with periodical exhibitions that host several different themes throughout the years.

The main and central focal point of the museum are exhibits found in Peloponnese from the Mycenaean period until the Roman era. There is a permanent exhibition about Necropolis and a section about everyday life and items of daily use. Most of the exhibits were discovered over the past 30 years and their presentation and descriptions are made in such a way that doesn’t get tiring for the visitor.

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Last Update: 21 Jul 2020
address New National Road Patras-Athens 38-40, Patra 264 42, Greece
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transportation The museum is located at the north exit of the city, on the national road leading to Athens.