Castle of Patras

Patras Attraction

This well-preserved Byzantine fortification was built on top of the ancient Acropolis by Emperor Justinian. Enjoy the magnificent view.

The medieval castle of Patras is located on a hill on the Panachaikon mountain and is only 800 meters away from the sea. It was constructed by the emperor Ioustinianos during the second half of the 6th century AD, on top of the ruins of the ancient acropolis.

The total area covered is around 22 acres and the whole cluster of moats, towers and bastions create a very strong defensive castle that protected the city until World War II. During the centuries it repelled several barbaric attacks, it was strengthened by Franks but it was finally conquered by Turks. It was returned to Greeks in 1828.

There is a statue from the Roman times the torso of which was inserted in a special slot in the masonry of the castle. The myth says that this statue, called "Patrinella", was protecting the city from epidemics and during the night it was mourning the dead citizens of the city.

About Castle of Patras

Last updated: 19 Jul 2020

address Frouriou 56, Patras, 262 25, Greece
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