Saint Spyridon Cathedral

Corfu Town Attraction

The most known church of the island hosts the relics of Saint Spyridon, and, being located in the old town, it attracts many visitors and worshippers.

The church of St. Spyridon is one of the most important landmarks of Corfu. It is an impressive structure on Nikiforos Theotokis street, next to the homonymous square.

The old church used to be at San Rocco suburb of Corfu, but it was demolished in order to expand the defensive walls and build a fortress. This church was built with the expenses of the Voulgari family, which also donated to the church the relic of St Spyridon that is now kept in a silver urn, on the right side of the sanctuary.

The church of St. Spyridon is a structure of the 1580s and from the outside, it doesn’t look like any other church built at the same time in Greece. In fact, it is almost similar to the church of St George in Venice, built in the same period. The interior of the temple was decorated with 17 golden panels with scenes from the life of the Saint.

Many of the murals on the walls suffered several damages during the years and they were replaced during the 19th century. The iconostasis (templon) of the church is new and it was made in the 20th century, while the old one was moved to the church of St. George.

About Saint Spyridon Cathedral

Last updated: 17 Jul 2020

address Agiou Spyridonos 32, Kerkira, Corfu Town, 491 00, Greece
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