Archaeological Museum of Corfu

Corfu Town Museum

Worth-visiting museum that covers a broad historical period . Its exhibits start from the island's prehistoric past and unfold into the Roman era.

Since 1967 the Archaeological Museum of Corfu is located in Garitsa area and housed in a building characterized for its modern architecture.

The ground floor hosts prehistoric artifacts that offer a picture of life on the island starting from the Stone Age. Some of them date from the 8th century BC, the foundation period of the ancient town of the island, while others are coming from the colonization period and reveal the trade routes of the island inhabitants with other coastal cities.

The exhibits of the first-floor offer to the visitor the opportunity to observe the historical evolution on the island from the 7th BC to the 4th century AD. This period includes ages of prosperity, wars, sieges as well as civil conflicts. Excavation findings are coming from the market, the ports, the sanctuaries, different private houses, and the cemetery of ancient Corfu.

About Archaeological Museum of Corfu

Last updated: 17 Jul 2020

address Vrela Armeni 1, Kerkira, Corfu Town, 491 00, Greece
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