Panagia Vlacherna Monastery

Attraction near Corfu Town (6.6km ≈ approx.)

Picturesque and most-photographed, this white temple is located on a small islet that can be reached by a 300 meters long bridge from the coast.

An overview of the Vlacherna Monastery and the narrow pedestrian bridge in Corfu island.
photo: Public Domain

The Virgin Mary of Vlacherna is another small islet that is situated within a small distance from the Pontikonisi islet. It is a monastery that dates from the 17th century, while there were monks until 1980. The tiny islet hosts a white picturesque church that dominates the landscape of the gulf of Chalikiopoulo.

The Islet and the monastery can be reached by land through a narrow pedestrian bridge that is also used as an anchorage for the small boats of the area and those which transfer the guests to the other islet of Pontikonisi.

Located at a distance of just 300 meters from the nearby coast, it attracts numerous faithful who wish to visit the church but also many other guests who attempt to take a magnificent photo during the sunset.

About Panagia Vlacherna Monastery

Last updated: 22 Jul 2020

address Paleopolis 163, Kerkira, 491 00, Greece
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