Corfu Beaches

Corfu's eastern side has pebble beaches and beautiful sunrises, and the western one has sandy beaches and stunning sunsets. Choose yours.

Corfu Beaches


Arillas Beach

One of Corfu best beaches, Arillas has magnificent sunsets, clay and sand to play with, and crystal-clear waters. By a street - walk on for the quiet part.


Avlaki Beach


A pebble beach without crowds and loud noises. Don't forget to bring a mask and snorkel and your umbrella. In the morning, enjoy the natural shade.


Agios Stefanos Beach


Shallow waters, low surf, magnificent sand. Ideal for kids. Beach bars offer amenities. Walk along and you find the beach's pristine part. Colorful sunsets.


Agios Georgios Beach

St George is a long sandy beach on a crescent bay. Nice beach bars. From here you can take a boat to Timoni, a secluded beach on the bay's headland.


Kontogialos Beach


Wide, sandy, organized - Kontogialos is among Corfu's top beaches. Clean waters, great sunsets, quality beach bars. Take mask and snorkel.


Marathias Beach

Among Corfu best beaches, Marathias is sandy, long and wide, and so spacious. You will find a few beach bars with quality services. Sunsets are mind-blowing.

Blue sunbeds on the pebble beach of Barbti and green - blue waters in the background.
photo: Jeff

Barbati Beach

If you dont mind the pebbles, Barbati is a fantastic beach at the feet of an imposing rock. Sunbed rental, bars, and space for your own umbrella.


Kerasia Beach


If you consider that villages and buildings are visual pollution, then Kerasia is for you. The Cherry Tree beach as it translates has space for everyone.


Agios Spiridon Beach


Agios Spiridon at Peritheia is a small calm beach favorite of families with children. A taverna and a mini-market offer the basics. Great views of Albania.


Kalamaki Beach


A fantastic place for kids, thanks to its low tide. You will find sunbed rentals, and there's space for your own setting. Try the nearby tavernas.


Glyfada Beach

A fantastic beach not to miss. One of Corfu's few sandy shores, here you also enjoy great views of neighboring hills and absolutely amazing sunsets.

Two women walk in front of a boat with sand dunes in the background at Issos Beach, Ag. Georgios.
photo: Kurayba / CC BY 2.0

Issos Beach

Ag. Georgios

Away from buildings, you get a deep-nature experience of a stone's throw from Agios Georgios. Fantastic for hiking, thanks to its dunes and woods.


Moraitika Beach

Sandy place with some natural shade. Kids will love the floating watersports and adults will be able to read their book relatively peacefully.


Roda Beach

If you'd love some amazing food after your dives, Roda is for you. The beach experience is great, and if you're lucky, the sunset will amaze you.


Canal d’Amour Beach


A picturesque beach sandwiched between sedimentary rocks. However, it gets crowded and sometimes dirty. Canal d’ Amour is a great place to enjoy sunsets.


Dassia Beach

A long beach with pebbles and sand in the sea. There are many nearby restaurants and hotels. Good for families with kids. It's nothing exceptional.

A picture of the sedimentary rock formation at Sidari's headland.
photo: Σοφία Μανοπούλου

Sidari Beach

A scenic beach with bars, and vibrant day and nightlife. Beautiful rock formations and views of Albania's mountains. If you have time, hike to Ortholithos.


Benitses Beach

Benitses is accessible on wheelchair. Note that it's close to a marina and a village which might be an advantage or disadvantage. Nothing special.

A huge green hill by Ermones beach, Corfu, and deep blue waters.
photo: Z thomas

Ermones Beach

Probably not the best beach. A neighboring canal sometimes makes waters murky and there are big hotels on the hill. However, when waters are clear, it's great.

The pebble Gouvia beach with sunbeds, a groups of trees, and a few residential buildings in the background.
low rating

Gouvia Beach

An OK pebble beach with beautiful views of distant hills and the bay's headlands. As you swim here, you will be accompanied by swans and ducks.