Corfu Things to Do

Corfu Things to Do


Spianáda Square

Spiniada is officially the largest square in Greece and it got its name from a Venetian word meaning 'an open flat area'.

Candles burn in Paleokastritsa monastery as some visitors show interest in religious art decorating the place.
photo: Petr Aust / CC BY 2.0

Paleokastritsa Monastery

A fantastic monastery on a scenic cape but not for high season. Anyhow, visit also the viewpoints and Nausika's cave for pictures, and the donkey station.

Paleokastritsa's rock, on to of which is the viewpoint, for not having found any better picture.
photo: Luc Coekaerts

Paleokastritsa Viewpoint

A viewpoint with views of Paleokastritsa's bays, the monastery, the infinite sea, and steep-rock cliffs. Go there for sunset. Simply breath-taking, innit?


The Blue Eye Cave

Don't go to this place without mask and snorkel. You will miss 90% of what's to see. Shimmering-blue waters, nice cave. Fabulous by kayak.


Pantokrator Monastery

The 1347 monastery is lovely but the breathtaking panoramic view is why most people take the windy roads to the hilltop. Unless in summer, hike to this place.


Kaiser William II Observatory

Here you lay your eyes on the same view that a German Emperor had. With a few more buildings and powerlines, I suppose. Don't miss it if you're nearby.

Two striped sedimentary rocks in the sea and a striped beach at Cape Drastis.
photo: Public Domain

Cape Drastis

Erosion has worked miracles at Cape Drastis. An excellent setting for exotic pictures with panoramic views. Sunset time is definitely best.


Aqualand Corfu Water Park

Kids love water parks, and Aqualand's hydrotubes, catapults, and multi-slides promise serious fun times. A convenient place for the whole family.


Old Perithia Village

Old Perithia is a great place for photographer. Its an abandoned village on a hill with magnificent views. Plenty of material here - a window in time.


«The Liston» Area

The Central pedestrian street on the western side of Spianada Square is famous for its large arches, as well as its restaurants and cafeterias.


Corfu Aquarium

Once at Paleokastritsa, the Corfu Aquarium's impressive collection of species will take you just 45 minutes. Free guided tour. Inexpensive entrance.


Agios Gordios Shipwreck

A small boat eroded into smaller pieces scattered on the beach. It's a place with a strange beauty. Maybe suitable for decay photography on the beach.

Four arches built on top of other arches  at the Gouvia Venetian Shipyard.
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Gouvia Venetian Shipyard

What an interesting place. The Gouvia Venetian Shipyard is an anchor to this place's long history. Best enjoyed between dives at the Gouvia beach.