Spianáda Square

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Spiniada is officially the largest square in Greece and it got its name from a Venetian word meaning 'an open flat area'.

Spianada is one of the largest squares of Greece, the center of the social life of the inhabitants of Corfu and the visitors as well. Here take place all major events, including parades and numerous customs. The best time to experience many of them is during the Easter time when people at the balconies on higher floors of the surrounding buildings take part in the custom of "Botides" by throwing and braking clay pots.

The square is surrounded by amazing buildings, such as Liston, a building designed by French mechanic Lesseps. The peristyle of Maitland is another impressive building in Spianada with Ionic columns, built in honor of British Commissioner Sir Thomas Maitland.

Also, the building of the Prefecture is a typical sample of Neoclassical architecture, designed by the Greek architect Chronis. The building of the Prefecture is standing on the spot close to the house where Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first Prime Minister of Greece, was born.

About Spianáda Square

Last updated: 17 Jul 2020

address Viktoros Dousmani 70, Kerkira, Corfu Town, 491 00, Greece
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