Agioi Theodoroi Cave Church

Experience near Alexandroupoli (14.3km ≈ approx.)

The church of Agioi Theodoroi is a distinctive cavern chapel that reminds the peculiar churches of Cappadocia. Mind the slippery stairs.

The iconostasis which is carved in the rock has numerous icons that are painted in frescoes and many wooden ones depicting Jesus, Virgin Mary, and other Saints. Some of the most well-preserved frescoes visualize the Archangel, the Assumption, the Visitation and the Great Prayer.

The church was completed in two phases. The first in the late 11th century called "monastic" and the second in the late 12th and early 13th century, the so-called transitional period. While the existing murals are typical examples of those periods and styles.

The cave is located near the village of Avanta, five kilometers from the castle Avanta-River.

About Agioi Theodoroi Cave Church

Last updated: 4 Sep 2020

address Alexandroupoli, 681 00, Greece
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