Loutra Traianoupoleos

Settlement near Alexandroupoli (18.9km ≈ approx.)

The thermal springs and baths are the reason this place is inhabited since the ancient times. It was founded by Roman Emperor Trajan, hence the name.

The contemporary baths were built in 1964 approximately 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) from the city of Alexandroupolis towards the Turkish border (to the East). The spring water has a temperature of 51-52 degrees Celsius (123.8 – 125.6 Fahrenheit) and the visitor can find there a spa with 15 baths and 7 spa tubs with the water temperature to range between 36 and 37 degrees Celsius ( 96.8- 98.6 Fahrenheit).

The baths were open all year round and are suitable for rheumatic, degenerative lesions, gynecological diseases, neuritis, neuralgia, allergic skin diseases, urinary tract diseases kidney, liver, bile, as well as inflammations of the respiratory or airway.

Unfortunately, since October 2019 the baths are closed due to financial and funding problems.

About Loutra Traianoupoleos

Last updated: 4 Sep 2020

address Loutra Traianoupoleos, 681 00, Greece
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