Sarakatsanoi Museum, Aisymi Evros

Museum near Alexandroupoli (28.6km ≈ approx.)

A museum dedicated to the traditions, life, and history of the Sarakatsani ethnic group. Its exhibits are mostly clothing items.

The Museum of the Sarakatsani Tradition of Evros was established in the village of Aisymi with the aim to collect artifacts and preserve customs of the Sarakatsani way of life and art. Today it is visited by schools, families and numerous guests who have the opportunity to learn about the tradition and the folklore related to Sarakatsani people.

The costumes are separated according to the area of origin of the Sarakatsani, while someone can observe plenty of differences among costumes and garments that are used in different villages and regions.

The visitor can also see tools that were used in everyday life such as cheese-making devices, looms, and wood carving machines. It is an ideal opportunity to learn about the customs, the traditions as well as the activities of this distinctive group of Greek people.

About Sarakatsanoi Museum, Aisymi Evros

Last updated: 14 Apr 2021

address Aisymi, 681 00, Greece
Open Hours
Monday-Friday 09:00 - 14:00
Entrance Fees
Entrance Free