Osman Sah (Koursoum) Mosque / Museum

Trikala Museum

A prominent monument, widely called Koursoum (literally means lead) due to its lead-covered dome. Locally referred as «Kοursοum Tzami».

The mosque of Osman Sah or Kursum Tzami, is located just some meters away from the Tsitsanis Museum. It is a unique monument as it is the only mosque of Trikala and has been declared a World Heritage monument by UNESCO.

The structure dates from the 16th century, and more specifically the period when Trikala was under the rule of Osman Sah. The mosque was designed by Koca Mimar Sinan, a very famous architect of that time. Visitors are impressed with the dimensions of the building since it has a diameter of 18 meters and its height is 22 meters, while it was built in such a way that offers to the mosque perfect acoustics.

South of the mosque is situated the "tourbes" (mausoleum) of Osman Sah, an octagonal building with a dome, that hosts today the archaeological findings of several excavations around Trikala.

Kursum Tzami is open for visitors and hosts events appropriate for the building, such as art installations and speeches.

About Osman Sah (Koursoum) Mosque / Museum

Last updated: 25 Jul 2020

address Karditsis 3, Trikala, 421 00, Greece