Old Town of Trikala «Varousi»

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The Varousi and Manavika disticts are famous for the narrow streets and old mansions that give the visitor an image of how it was here in past.

The neighborhoods of Varousi and Manavika are two of the most famous places in the old city.

Varousi, during the Ottoman occupation until 1930, was the rich neighborhood that still includes many old mansions built following the traditional architecture. Furthermore, it hosts many churches, built very close to each other that date from the era of the Byzantine empire and later.

For the music lovers and those who are familiar with the distinctive genre "rempetiko", Trikala is the hometown of the Greek composer and lyricist Tsitsanis, thus, some of his songs have references to places and roads in Varousi and Manavika.

Manavika is the other traditional neighborhood of the old city, including the brothels as well as the meat and vegetable market. Nowadays in Manavika, there is a large number of small tavernas, restaurants and cafeterias.

About Old Town of Trikala «Varousi»

Last updated: 25 Jul 2020

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