«Kliafa Company» Centre of History & Culture

Trikala Museum

Housed since 2003 in the old Kliafa factory, this History Centre gives visitors a snapshot into the company's and the city's past.

Kliafa industry is a famous beverage company in central Greece. It used to have its main production in the city of Trikala for many decades. After it was moved to the new factory, the owners of the company decided to convert the old factory to a center of history and culture.

It is located in the corners of Omirou and Themistokleous streets. During the reconstruction process, the owners tried to maintain the initial, industrial architecture of the building that was built in 1926.

Among the exhibits, there are factory machines, old advertisements, photographs of employees, the bottle label printer, and newspapers of the region. Then a library for kids and teenagers with 6.000 books and a small auditorium are also parts of the museum.

About «Kliafa Company» Centre of History & Culture

Last updated: 25 Jul 2020

address Omirou & Themistokleous, Trikala, 421 00, Greece