Central Bridge of Trikala

Trikala Attraction

Trikala have a river and several bridges crossing it, many of which are pedestrian. This is one of the most notable ones thanks to its beauty.

The Central Bridge connects the main square of the city (Iroon Politechniou) with the pedestrian street of Asklipios. The bridge was built in 1886 by a French engineer and is made out of metal.

Until 1996 it was used by cars but since that time is used only by pedestrians. From the bridge, the visitor can see the green shores of Lithaios River and the statue of Asklepios. Since according to the Greek historian Strabo, Asklepios was born close to Lithaios River. This statue that depicts the Greek god of medicine during antiquity, is made by the sculptor Theodoros Vasilopoulos.

On the floor of the bridge, there are small squares made out of glass so the passersby can see the flow of the river. Parallel to that, there are some benches all along the bridge that serve as resting spots for many pedestrians.

About Central Bridge of Trikala

Last updated: 25 Jul 2020

address Asklipiou, Trikala, 421 00, Greece