Sarakatsani Annual Meeting of Pertouli

Festival between Trikala and Metsovo

This annual reunion of Sarakatsani, a mountainous ethnic group, is cause for dances, commemorations and customs.

Every year, on the last Sunday of July Sarakatsani from all over the Balkan region, meet here.

Sarakatsani is an ethnic Greek population group including the traditionally moving shepherds, native to Greece, historically centered around the Pindus mountains, although some of them can be found in southern Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

Pertouli was chosen as a meeting place due to its natural beauty but also for its historical importance. For many centuries, it was the area where the chief shepherds used to meet when they were moving with their herds from the mountains to the plains and vice versa.

More than 20.000 Sarakatsani meet since 1980 in their effort to maintain their tradition and their relationships. During this reunion, traditional huts are set under the fir trees, creating the perfect setting to revive the culture of Sarakatsani.

Thousands of visitors have the opportunity to see representations of the nomadic life of Sarakatsani. Among the numerous events, the highlights are the traditional dances and the narratives of their everyday life.

About Sarakatsani Annual Meeting of Pertouli

Last updated: 25 Jul 2020

address Pertouli, 420 32, Greece