Lake Plastiras (Tavropos Reservoir)

Experience between Karditsa and Trikala

This artificial lake adds a watery heaven on an otherwise fairytale landscape. It attracts visitors and also wildlife whole year-round.

An overview of the Plastira lake among hills of dense vegetation.
photo: Manu / CC BY 2.0

Plastiras Lake is one of the most famous destinations for alternative tourism in Greece. It is located 25 kilometers west of Karditsa, at an altitude of 750 meters above the sea level.

It is an artificial lake made in 1959, after the building of the dam of Tavropos river (or Megdovas). While it was named after Nikolaos Plastiras, the general and politician, who had the idea to build the dam and create a lake so that farmers would have water for their crops.

Although the lake is artificial, it has gradually created its own ecosystem, with many species of fish, and unique flora and fauna. Among others, it includes foxes, wolves, badgers, wild swans, cormorants, herons, and many more.

It is an ideal place for relaxation and serves as an all-year-round destination since it offers numerous magnificent sceneries. Around the lake, there are settlements with hotels, restaurants, stores as well as souvenir shops.

About Lake Plastiras (Tavropos Reservoir)

Last updated: 25 Jul 2020