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The Mill of Elves offers children a fantastic Christmas experience. From the Wooden Nutcracker to Little Clara in the Four Fairy Kingdoms - all magic is here.

One of the most important industrial monuments of Greece is the mill of Matsopoulos in Trikala. The building complex covers an area of 3.500 square meters, while the surrounding land is up to 90 acres.

It is located in the west end of the city, very close to the railway station, next to Agiamoniotis river. It was built in 1884 by Agathoklis brothers after Thessaly was liberated from Ottoman rule and was united with Greece. It was the first roller mill of Greece, the largest of the Balkan region and the first pasta factory of Greece.

22 years later a second cylindrical roller was built in the same area covering a total area of 1.000 square meters. During the last years of its operating, the mill worked having water and electricity as a source of power, while its daily production was 1700 kilos of flour.

During the years it changed ownership several times, until it ended up to Ioannis Matsopoulos, and after his death to the municipality of Trikala. The municipality conducted a series of restorations works with some funds coming from the European Union and the result was really impressive.

The mill that stopped its operation in 1984, is today a cultural center where several performances, festivals, and other cultural events are taking place. In the facilities of the mill, there is a theatre, a cinema, a conference room, a cafeteria as well as the art workshop of the municipality.

Nowadays the Matsopoulos Mill is mostly known as "The Mill of the Elves". And this because of the famous Christmas arrangement that transforms it into a major attraction visited by thousands of city inhabitants and visitors from all over the country.

For approximately one month, it becomes a large theme park dedicated to Christmas but also to other fairy tales and stories that compose a unique, almost miraculous environment that impresses children as well as older visitors.

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Last updated: 25 Jul 2020

address Matsopoulos Park, Trikala, 421 00, Greece