Archaeological Museum of Samothraki

Samothraki Museum

A small but worth-visiting museum with local findings and a CGI video explaining the nearby archeological site. Better visit the museum first.

The archaeological museum of Samothraki is situated in Palaiopolis. In the museum, the visitor has the opportunity to observe a series of ancient items that were found on the island, while unfortunately, many of them were moved to museums all over Greece, as well as abroad. Most of them were found during excavations of American archaeologists or accidentally by people of the island. Many of the exhibits come from the private collection of Nikolas Fardis, a well-known and respected citizen of the island.

The museum is divided into four sections:

The central room has mostly architectural representations of all important buildings of the Temple of Gods, such as the Arch of Arsinοi, decorated with bulls and daisies.

In the second room, there are parts of the frieze with dancers who are believed to be the Muses, a bust of Teiresias, a headless statue of Persephone and many more.

The third room, hosts columns of marbles from the Holy House and a headless statue on Nike that was standing on the back cape of the Temple.

In the fourth room, there are many exhibits found in the Necropolis and a cast of Nike of Samothraki since the original one is hosted in the Louvre museum of Paris. In this room, the guest can see coins, jewelry and many valuable, metallic relics.

When the visitor leaves the museum, there is a cobblestoned path that leads to the entrance of the nearby archaeological site. Relics and remnants of the Palace with the Holy House, the Temple of the Gods, the theatre, the altar, the house of votive offerings, as well as the cemetery are among the most important buildings of the site.

About Archaeological Museum of Samothraki

Last updated: 8 Aug 2020

address Paleopoli, Samothraki, 680 02, Greece
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