Cruise Tour Around Samothraki

Samothraki Experience

To reach and swim in some of the hidden-gem beaches and stare open-mouthed the island's steep coasts, there is only one option: cruise tours.

Tourists embarking on a daily cruise boat at one of the remote beaches of Samothraki.
photo: Agnee / CC BY 2.0

Samothraki is not the island of the long beaches with the perfect white sand or the place with the layers of sunscreen in the sea. In Samothraki, probably apart from the beach of Pachia Ammos, there are isolated, wild beaches, and in some cases even remote. While all of them have the clearest waters where someone can ever swim.

Many of them can be reached only by boat.

  • On the south coast of the island, there is the famous waterfall "Kremasto Nero" (hanged water). It is a waterfall that falls into the sea from a height of 180 meters and it is recorded as the highest of Greece, the 4th in Europe, and the 11th highest worldwide.
  • Another unique place by the steep coast is the "Ta pania tis Grias" (old lady's sails). It is a geological phenomenon with white lines on the dark marble rocks that look like a fabric. According to the legend, an old lady once stretched the sails to dry in the sun and they became one with the stone.
  • Finally, a daily cruise around Samothraki reaches "Vatos beach" that is located east of Pachia Ammos in the south part of the island. It is the definition of an exotic beach with caves waterfalls and crystal clear waters.

About Cruise Tour Around Samothraki

Last updated: 8 Aug 2020

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