Fonias Gorge

Samothraki Experience

You need 40-45 minutes of hiking to reach these natural ponds. It's called Fonias (killer) gorge for some reason. Be careful and bring your hiking shoes.

The famous "Vathres" of Samothraki refer to a number of ponds with clear deep green waters that are located the mountain of Saos. The streams formulate small waterfalls that pour the water into small natural pools inside the rocks. The water of those pools is very cold, but many people choose to swim there.

The spings of the island compose over a hundred natural pools (Vathres) which attract yearly thousands of visitors and are without any doubt the highlights of the Samothraki.

Some effort is mandatory in order to reach the Vathres since they are located in different levels of the streams and so even some climbing is needed in order to reach them. So a backpack, some waterproof bags, and a pair of trekking shoes are almost the necessary equipment or this small adventure. One of the most well-known pools is the Vathra of Tsivdogiannis, close to Therma, where someone can also find the beginning of the path that leads to the top of Mount Saos.

The largest stream of the island the so-called "Fonias" (the killer) has the largest waterfall, 35 meters high.

About Fonias Gorge

Last updated: 4 Oct 2020