Therma, Samothraki

Samothraki Settlement

In the center of Therma village, lie the hot springs (loutra) used since the ancient times, and a slightly newer facility operated by the municipality.

The village of Therma is located fifteen kilometers away from the main port of Samothraki, Kamariotissa. It’s a place where undoubtedly the beauty of nature dominates the environments as it is full of plane trees, chestnuts, arbutus, and myrtles. This is the place where most of the water from the springs of Saos end up through small rivers and streams.

This place is well-known for its hot, sulphuric springs, which are famous for their healing abilities already from the ancient times. During the Byzantine and the Roman period, the hot springs were flourished and set one more reason to the fame of the island.

Every year, a large number of tourists visit Therma for the spas and the springs. Nowadays the hot springs are operated by the municipality only during the summer months but there are plans for the extension of their operation and availability. At the village, the visitor can find restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels to stay or to enjoy a nice meal or coffee.

About Therma, Samothraki

Last updated: 28 Jan 2021

address Therma, Samothraki, 680 02, Greece
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