Samos Town (Vathy)

Settlement in Samos

Samos' capital has everything; accommodation, restaurants, car rentals, and quite importantly, a lively nightlife.

A panoramic picture of the Samos town and its port with its lit promenade.
photo: Samos Voice

Vathy is a significant port located in a natural bay that is protected from strong winds. As the largest town and capital of Samos, it hosts numerous public offices.

How does Vathi of Samos look like?

The beautiful capital of Samos and one of the main ports of the island was initially a small settlement that slowly developed and evolved into the modern city that is today. The city is built amphitheatrically at Vathi bay, which is quite large and it is considered one of the safest in the Aegean Sea.

The town is full of picturesque neighborhoods and hosts some of the most important attractions of the island. These are scattered in its streets, while among them the visitor can find the Pythagoras Square with its characteristic marble lion.

It is worth taking a walk in the Municipal Garden while someone should not miss visiting the Archaeological Museum of the island that hosts numerous excavations findings. Those are items from the temple of Hera, many votive offerings, statues, and an impressive kouros statue with 5.5 meters in height. Quite interesting are the Metropolitan Library, and the Byzantine Museum of the island which are housed in the same building.

From Vathi someone can reach the beaches of Mykali and Gagou by car and swim in their beautiful clear blue waters.

About Samos Town (Vathy)

Last updated: 5 May 2021

address Samos Town, Samos, 831 00, Greece
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