Samos Wine Museum

Museum in Samos

The winery of Malagari, close to Vathi, will enlighten you about winemaking and wine-drinking. The latter is a hands on experience.

A picture showing several wine barrels in the cellar of Samos Wine Museum.
photo: YouInGreececom

The Wine Museum of Samos belongs to EOSSAMOU (Unified Wine Agricultural Cooperative of Samos). It is located almost next to the capital of Samos, Vathi, and it is a recommended destination for each visitor who is interested in wines and winemaking.

The Samos Wine Museum was inaugurated in 2005, while it is housed in a 19th-century building which in the past was a wine cellar and barrel-making factory.

What are the exhibits of the Samos Wine Museum?

The museum's exhibits include objects, images, and descriptions that shed light on every aspect of cultivation, harvesting, winemaking, as well as the historical evolution of Samos wines over time.

Some of the museum exhibits are:

  • cultivation tools
  • the dry stone terraces
  • many photos with moments from cultivation, harvesting and winemaking
  • the wine press
  • large wooden wine tanks
  • maturation barrels and barrel-making tools
  • collectible wine bottles
  • many awards and trophies

The visitor can be informed about the traditional winemaking on the island, the wine varieties, the types of grapes, and the existing labels. The public also has the opportunity to participate in wine tasting and also buy bottles of wine after the tour.

About Samos Wine Museum

Last updated: 5 May 2021

address Malagariou roundabout, Samos, 831 00, Greece
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