Heraion of Samos

Historical site in Samos

A UNESCO monument and the most significant sanctuary of Samos dedicated to Goddess Hera, who according to legend was born on the island.

A world-famous archaeological site located next to the homonymous coastal village that is a developed tourist destination with good infrastructure, organized beach, and many cafe bars.

What is the Heraion of Samos?

Apprpximatelly eight kilometers outside Pythagorion someone can find the archeological site of Heraion, which according to Herodotus was the largest Greek temple.

The temple was dedicated to the worship of the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus. Architectonically it follows the Ionic style and has 155 huge columns. There is also a network of clay rainwater pipes in the temple.

Impressive is the large altar of the temple dating from 560 BC, as well as the Holy Road, the road that led from the city of Samos to the sanctuary. Iera Odos is 5 km long and along its length, there are ruins of great historical buildings. Many findings from Heraion are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Samos.

How important was the Heraion of Samos?

The religious influence of the sanctuary extended beyond the borders of Samos. Heraion was widely known a fact proved by the tributes coming from all over Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt, and Cyprus. Many researchers argue that its significance was similar to that of the Delphic Oracle.

A series of excavations have unearthed monuments dating back starting from the 8th century BC. and the following centuries, including temples, altars, sanctuaries, houses, and various buildings.

About Heraion of Samos

Last updated: 7 May 2021

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