Archaeological Museum of Vathi Samos

Museum in Samos

Here you will find the biggest Kouros in Greece, a total of 5,5 meters high. These are young men statues inspired by Egyptian sculpturing styles.

The Archaeological Museum of Samos is housed in two buildings in the city center. One building is the "Paschaleion Archaeofylakeion", the old museum that dates from 1912 and the other building is that of the "New Museum" which was built with the expenses of a car industry and was inaugurated in the 1980s.

What are the exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Samos?

The museum hosts collections of archaic sculpture, as well as ceramics, bronze, and wooden objects from various eras, while the main source of excavation findings was the archaeological site of the Heraion of Samos.

Among the exhibits the visitor can see:

  • the most important exhibit of the museum is the 5.5 meters giant kouros that follows the Ionic style and dates back to the 6th c. BC
  • two small ivory sculptures from the 7th century BC
  • a votive offering to Hera (570-560 BC)
  • a marble tombstone of a naked young man holding a compass in his left hand and extending his right hand to a seated figure dressed with a scepter (5th century BC)
  • a bronze statue of a 20 cm man who rides a horse (5th century BC)
  • a wooden kneeling female figure of 17 cm (7th century BC)

About Archaeological Museum of Vathi Samos

Last updated: 5 May 2021

address Gimnasiarchou Κatevaini 24, Vathi, Samos, 831 00, Greece
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