Aggitis Gorge, Alistrati

Experience between Drama and Nea Peramos Kavala

The 15-kilometer impressive gorge where Aggitis river flows is a place or pristine nature, inner peace, and awe at nature's wonders.

Picture of the Aggitis gorge including a flowing river, steep cliffs, and lush vegetation.
photo: Αλεξανδρίδης Ξενοφών

Between Paggaio and Menikio it is located the gorge of the river Aggitis that has a total length of 15 kilometers (9.32 miles). Some scientists argue that the gorge is a result of a violent geological rearrangement that over a million years ago, let the waters of the prehistoric lake Prasiada of Drama valley to pass through, and consequently create the gorge.

The gorge together with the river-flow, in the course of time created many caves, arches, and openings ending up to almost a natural miracle of plain beauty. The dramatic landscape fed the imagination of the locals and according to the tradition, it was believed that the gorge is the gate of Hades where Pluto passed Persephone to the Underworld.

The vegetation of the area includes several varieties of laurel, willows, sycamores, and wild poplar trees. While there are many wild grouses, doves, woodcocks, turtle doves and blackbirds. Various raptors such as hawks and common kestrel hawks are also very characteristic and together make up a majestic landscape.

The Aggitis is an ideal river for rafting. At a total length of 15 meters, there are two routes, one for the experienced rafters and the other for beginners as well as for children over 10 years old. In the area, there is also a restaurant while very near there is the cave of Alistrati, a unique natural creation which can also be a part of an amazing excursion at the area.

About Aggitis Gorge, Alistrati

Last updated: 15 Aug 2020

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