Park of Agia Varvara

Drama Attraction

In the heart of this park are the springs of the Agia Varvara river. It's a great place for walking, relaxation and tranquility.

The park covers an area of 60 acres and its name derives from St Barbara the Patron Saint of the city. The church of St. Barbara is located inside the park and is related to a great extend with the history of the city.

According to the legend, when Turks, during the Ottoman occupation, tried to tear down the church and build a mosque, the church was covered by the water of the lake and thus it survived this unholy transformation. The citizens considered that as a miracle and celebrate St Barbara every year on 4th of December by lighting up candles and leaving them on small paper or wooden boats on the lake surface, creating a great scenery.

In the park the visitor can enjoy the tranquillity of the natural environment, walk around different trees and bushes, relax with the sound of small rivers and observe numerous ducks and swans on the lakes. Last but not least someone can sit and have coffee at one of the cafeterias of the park.

About Park of Agia Varvara

Last updated: 22 Jul 2020

address 19is Maiou 16, Drama, 661 00, Greece