Cave Aggitis River, Prosotsani

Experience between Drama and Serres

There aren't many places that offer you the possibility to visit an underground river. This is one of them - the underground springs of Aggitis river.

It is the largest river cave of the world with a length that surpasses the 15 kilometers out of which only 500 meters are visitable. It is located 25 kilometers away from the city of Drama and more specifically, next to the village of Piges in the municipality of Prosotsani. The other name of the cave is Maara, that may come from the Arabic, meaning small cave, or from Hebrew meaning water from the mountain.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that on the ground of the cave flows the river Aggitis. It is open to the public since 2001 and the visitor has the opportunity to admire the countless stalactites and stalagmites (rock mineral patterns that cover the whole interior.

It was discovered by French speleologists in 1978 in collaboration with the Greek Speleological society. Plenty of archeological artifacts and prehistoric findings were discovered during excavations such as the mammoth truck which is kept at the Archeological Museum of Drama.

One of the most impressive parts is the spot where the river exits the cave through an arched opening and constructs the base of an arched hall. This hall has a 40 meters diameter and is 15 meters high.

Apart from the cave the visitor can relax at the cafeterias and restaurants, but a pic-nic next to the river is also possible to everyone who is well-equipped and wishes to spend some more time in the area.

About Cave Aggitis River, Prosotsani

Last updated: 2 Aug 2020

address Prosotsani, 662 00, Greece