Philippi Festival

Festival between Kavala and Drama

A cultural festival with concerts and performances held in an ancient theater. Plays are mostly in Greek but do not let this deter you from visiting.

The Philippi Festival is the second oldest festival of Greece (after is of Epidayros) and it is organized yearly from 1957 at the archaeological site of Philippi every year during summer.

The main festival point where the theatrical performances and various concerts are taking place is the ancient theater of Philippi but during the last decades more areas and facilities of Kavala like the old castle, the Imaret, archaeological sites, schools, and temples host festival events.

Any potential visitor can attend music concerts and various performances during the festival, while the experience to attend an ancient theatre performance at the theater of Philippi, is definitely an unforgettable one!

About Philippi Festival

Last updated: 22 Jul 2020

address Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Krinides, 640 03, Greece
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