Panormos, Tinos

Tinos Settlement

A tiny and quiet fishing village located at the northwestern edge of the island. At its windless port you can dine by the wave.

A natural bay with a port that played a significant role in the trade of the last century, while it also became famous for its role during the Second World War.

Where is located Panormos of Tinos island?

Panormos is about 27 km away from the main town of Tinos and it is known for its sheltered harbor, its beautiful beaches, and a number of artists and craftsmen whose origin is from the village.

The port of Panormos was an important commercial center until the 1960s with the main export product the marble of Exo Meria, but also it was a wheat supply center for a large part of the island.

Historical reports name is as the settlement Palermo, while during the Occupation it was bombed (1941) as it was an information center but also a port for military and political escapes to the Middle East and Africa.

About Panormos, Tinos

Last updated: 27 Apr 2021

address Panormos, Tinos, 842 01, Greece