Tinos Easter (Rituals & Customs)

Tinos Festival

Under the presence of a miraculous Virgin Mary icon, Tinos celebrates Easter with multiple distinctive customs. A cultural treasury for those interested.

The island of Megalohari (Virgin Mary) observes the major celebration for the Greek Orthodox Church and consequently the Greeks with a series of rituals that compose a unique atmosphere of devotion, reverence, and mystery.

Tinos, additionally to its beautiful landscape, is well known for its religious tradition. Every year during the Easter period, customs that are observed for centuries, and a large number of faithful arrive from all over Greece and abroad to follow them.

What are the Easter customs of Tinos?

Some of the customs observed at Easter on the island are:

  • On Good Friday morning, unmarried girls decorate the epitaph of their parish. In the evening of the same day, the procession of the epitaph takes place, it passes through neighborhoods, while the faithful sprinkle it with flowers. Finally, the epitaphs from all the parishes end up on the seafront promenade of the Chora of Tinos where they meet.
  • The epitaph of the parish of Agios Nikolaos goes in the sea waters together with the priest on Spitalia beach, while, at the same time, on the rocky islet opposite, three wooden crosses are lit and boats are honking. This custom takes place in the memory of those who lost their lives at sea. While after the epitaph litany, young people are trying to light as many candles as they can in houses, churches, even in graveyards.
  • On the morning of Holy Saturday, during the service of the First Resurrection, the priest scatter laurel leaves, while the faithful try to catch them in the air for good luck.
  • On the night of the Resurrection, fireworks, and crackers fall around the church of Evangelistria (Virgin Mary) and other churches, while for the next 40 days the resurrection procession takes place in the chapels of the island.
  • On Easter Monday, the Meal of Love takes place in the village of Ktikados. This is a meal for Orthodox and Catholics, that is held every year as a sign of reconciliation after the joyful news of the Resurrection
  • Finally, on the next Sunday (Thomas Sunday), celebrates the village of Ysternia, with the big festival of Panagia Lakkotiani. There the custom of "rodaria" takes place, where locals and visitors all sit together at a long table and exchange flowers and cards with Easter wishes.
  • If you are in Tinos during the Easter period, do not forget to taste the "tsimpito", the traditional sweet cheese pie.

About Tinos Easter (Rituals & Customs)

Last updated: 29 Apr 2021

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