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One of the largest pilgrimages of the Greek Catholic Church ends in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Convent in Exomvourgo.

The long religious tradition of Tinos is reflected in the approximately 750 churches, Orthodox and Catholic, that can be found throughout the island. While the Monastery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Exomburgo of Tinos, is one of the most significant pilgrimages for Catholics in Greece.

What does Exomburgo mean?

The Catholic fathers of the Jesuit Order arrived on the island of Tinos in 1663 and settled in the "city of the castle" or the "city of Bourg". There, the local bishop gave them a residence and a church, while they stayed until 1715 when Tinos was occupied by the Ottomans and the castle was destroyed. Then the monks and the inhabitants of the castle settled just outside the castle where they created the settlement "Outside the Burgo (castle)" or Exomburgo (Exo in Greek means out) as it is known today.

In 1722 the church of Agia Aikaterini was granted to them by the Catholic bishop and in 1724 they built a new church next to it, that of Agia Sophia. The Church of Hagia Sophia was renovated in 1897 and renamed to the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

What is the worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

Worshiping of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was officially instituted by the Catholic Church in 1765 and was widespread throughout the Catholic world. It is celebrated on the third Friday after Pentecost and symbolizes the long-term love and compassion of the heart of Christ for humanity.

The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Exomburgo was abandoned in 1920 but renovated in 1941. Today the church is three-aisled with a dome and is impressively decorated. The interior of the church is dominated by the statue of Jesus of the Sacred Heart.

Outside the church there is a cave dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Lourdes, as well as the monument of the 327 Greek Catholics who fell in favor of their homeland in the period 1912 - 1950.

When is the festival of the Monastery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Tinos island?

Overall, the monastery includes a library, hospitality, food, and sleeping facilities that make it able to welcome thousands of believers during its festival, which takes place during the summer.

The celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus takes place on the 3rd Friday after Pentecost. Each 1st Friday of the month the Divine Liturgy is celebrated in the church, while the big festival of the monastery takes place on the second Sunday of July.

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Last updated: 27 Apr 2021

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