Local Food & Flavours of Tinos

Tinos Experience

Centuries of tradition and local products' quality including meat, dairy, and fish, make the island a supreme gastronomic destination.

A large part of the population of Tinos is engaged with agriculture and livestock. This fact affects the cuisine of the island but also the type of local products that dominate in relation to other Aegean islands. The cuisine of Tinos is characterized by a wide range that consists of special dishes and recipes based on the local products of the island.

What are the local dishes and sweets of Tinos?

Some of the famous specialties of the island are:

  • "louza", a local dish made from pork (some call it the "Greek prosciutto")
  • artichoke pie
  • fennel pancakes
  • furtalia which is the local omelette with potatoes, eggs and sausages or louza of Tinos
  • cheeses of Tinos, produced in the modern cheese factory of the island
  • kserotigana
  • amigdalota
  • beizedes
  • sweet cheese pies

About Local Food & Flavours of Tinos

Last updated: 25 Apr 2021

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