The Huge Rocks of Volax

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A somewhat different landscape with round granite boulders close to a small Catholic village. Excellent material for photography.

The traditional village of Volax, in the middle of Tinos, is located on a small plateau at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level. According to a strange phenomenon, the village is surrounded by huge, smooth, granite stones.

The potential visitor of the area has the feeling that he is in an extraterrestrial landscape. A landscape scattered with stones, rocks, and huge granite round boulders that give the feeling that they have fallen from the sky.

What does Volax mean?

Thanks to these huge rocks, the village was named Volax (Volakas in the village dialect). In other words, it is the village with the Volakous (rocks). The locals consider that all these rocks are meteorites that fell from the sky.

According to geologists, these granite masses, which by erosion have acquired a round shape or sometimes strange shapes of animals or birds, are volcanic rocks that date about twenty thousand years to the past.

For mythology lovers, there is also the explanation that this strange spectacle that the visitor can see is nothing but the last remnants of the eternal battle between Giants and Titans.

What can the visitor do in the village of Volax?

The visitor can visit the Folklore Museum of the village, but also purchase the famous baskets that are still knitted by the locals, preserving the old tradition over the centuries.

We should also mention that the area is also well-known regarding the climbing interest. This because the huge granite rocks constitute a vast climbing track of high standards.

The visitor after having a nice walk in the alleys of the village, can taste local flavors and dishes in one of the taverns of the Volax.

About The Huge Rocks of Volax

Last updated: 27 Apr 2021

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