Sarakatsanoi Folklore Museum

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A hidden gem in Serres, this museum is great place to explore the history and the traditions of the Sarakatsani ethnic group

The Sarakatsani Folklore Museum located in the city center of Serres was founded in 1979. The museum is housed in a three-level building that has numerous artifacts coming from donations, thus the museum during the years had an expanding exhibition.

The inauguration of the current building took place in 1997 after the process and effort started by the Greek Ministry of Culture in 1991. This was aiming the construction of a museum that would describe the cultural background and the traditions of Sarakatsani, the native group of Greeks with the distinguish nomadic life.

The basement of the museum serves as a storage, a library, and a conference hall while the younger generations have the opportunity to join courses in order to learn traditional Sarakatsani dances and music. The other two levels host artifacts and other exhibits of the period between the interwar-period as well as from the occupation and the civil war. It was a period when the tseligkata (tribes with herds) were disappeared due to the harsh circumstances.

The representation of Sarakatsani house and shepherd's hut is among the most important exhibits of the museum. Other exhibits are Sarakatsani costumes, embroidery, weaving, and traditional looms. Furthermore, the exhibition includes various parts of everyday life such as the bells of the livestock and traditional jewelry like brooches and silver belts.

About Sarakatsanoi Folklore Museum

Last updated: 15 Aug 2020

address Konstantinoupoleos 62, Serres, 621 22, Greece