«The Liston» Area

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The Central pedestrian street on the western side of Spianada Square is famous for its large arches, as well as its restaurants and cafeterias.

Liston is probably the most popular pedestrian street on the island and a meeting place for inhabitants and tourists. The philharmonic orchestras of the city and processions of the church of St Spyridon are traditionally passing from this spot.

In Venetian dialect, "lista" means "the wide and straight street for walking" and it is similar to the Liston in Venice, in Saint Marcus square. In between the marble arches, there is a large number of restaurants and cafeterias. While, on Saturdays, the visitors have the opportunity to watch cricket matches at Spianada Square.

The construction of the site started in 1807 during the French rule in the Ionian Islands (1807–1814) imitating the rue de Rivoli. While it was a design of the son of the architect who built the Suez Canal. During the English occupation of the island, floors were added to the buildings, and those floors are still used as houses or offices.

About «The Liston» Area

Last updated: 17 Jul 2020

address Liston, Kerkira, Corfu Town, 491 00, Greece
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