Corfu New Venetian Fortress

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To built this massive fortress, the Venetians had to demolish more than 2.000 buildings. Today it hosts concerts and art exhibitions.

The New Fortress of Corfu (Fortezza Nuova) was built on the top of the hill of Saint Mark by Venetians during the 16th century in order to strengthen the defense power of the city. It is built on two different levels in order to provide protection to the harbor and supervise the inner lands as well.

It stands above the port while its main entrance is decorated with the Lion of Saint Mark, a link to the Fortress of Venice. It was designed by the Venetian architect Francisco Vitelli while current buildings within the castle were added during the British rule of the island (1815–63). The whole structure was huge and in order for the necessary construction materials to be found, they had to demolish more than 2.000 buildings. Amongst them was one of the most beautiful gates of the Old City, Porta Reale, many houses and buildings.

The Fortress was destroyed many times, and some of them by Corfiots themselves. For instance in 1864, some days before the Union with Greece, the Allies demanded parts of the fortress. The tunnels that linked the Old with the New Fortress are still standing, although the entrance is not allowed to the public. The New Fortress was also severely bombed during World War II by Axis.

Nowadays it hosts concerts, art expeditions, installations, and numerous other events.

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Last updated: 17 Jul 2020

address El. Venizelou 13, Kerkira, Corfu Town, 491 00, Greece
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