Sesklo Neolithic Settlement

Attraction near Volos (12.5km ≈ approx.)

It dates back to approximately 6,800 BC which makes it probably the oldest settlement of Early Stone Age in Greece.

At a distance of about 15 km away from Volos, near the contemporary village of Sesklo are located the ruins of the prehistoric settlement of Sesklo.

The first archaeological excavations were carried out in 1901-1902 by the archaeologist Chr. Tsountas while in 1956 Dimitris R. Theocharis started a new excavation that lasted until 1977.

How was the Neolithic Settlement in Sesklo?

The rare archeological findings that brought to light reveal that the settlement was inhabited from the 7th millennium BC. People then lived from agriculture and animal farming, a fact that was evidenced by bone tools, obsidian blades, and stone tools found in the various excavations.

The houses were originally made of tree branches and mud, while in the Early Neolithic era (6th millennium BC) the foundations began to be made of stone and the floors of clay.

In the Middle Neolithic era (5th millennium BC) the settlement grows to the west, while the houses are larger and form small streets between them and in some places squares. Shortly before the end of the 5th millennium, the settlement is probably deserted due to fire. It is re-inhabited after 500 years, but this time only on the hill of Kastraki.

About Sesklo Neolithic Settlement

Last updated: 18 Apr 2021

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