Dimini Mycenean & Neolithic Settlement

Attraction near Volos (6.2km ≈ approx.)

Neolithic settlement that dates to 4.800 BC. If you're visiting during summer choose morning hours as the sun could be too much during the day.

About 6 km outside the city of Volos is located the archeological site of Dimini. It was a large and well-organized settlement that was inhabited for the first time in the late Neolithic era (end of the 5th millennium BC).

What was the Neolithic settlement of Dimini?

This prehistoric archeological settlement hosted about 200-300 inhabitants more than 7000 years ago. It stands for its special architecture, while it had six stone fences that were built in pairs around the settlement. The first two fences defined the central courtyard or square and at the same time, they served to support the outer walls of the houses. This pattern was followed by all the other houses of the settlement which were built by the fences.

The houses of the settlement were quite large and all had access to this common yard. In the excavation findings, there are many stone and bone tools, plenty of ceramic objects as well as figurines and jewelry.

In 1980, the excavations continued southeast of the hill and in 2001 an important Mycenaean settlement was discovered, which is identified with Iasonas hometown in Iolkos. So far, eight independent private houses have been discovered, as well as the foundations of a large Mycenaean mansion overlooking the Pagasitikos. Additionally, the excavations revealed two vaulted tombs of kings of Iolkos.

About Dimini Mycenean & Neolithic Settlement

Last updated: 18 Apr 2021

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