Nea Anchialos, Magnesia

Settlement near Volos (19.9km ≈ approx.)

A relatively new coastal city founded in 1907 from the refugees of the old city of Anchialos that is located in south-east Bulgaria.

A small coastal town with more than 5000 citizens that has a strong agricultural background. In the last decades, it made huge steps in the tourism sector and tries to become a summer resort taking advantage of the natural beauties and the nice services that can offer to the visitor.

Where is Nea Anchialos?

Aproximatelly, 20 km south of Volos is located the popular tourist resort of Nea Anchialos. The area stands for the green trees by the coastline and its beach that is 20 km long. The beaches and the available tourist services have a great variety that can satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

Its fully organized beach has small brown and reddish pebbles, while within walking distance offers numerous cafés, restaurants, and bars. For water sports enthusiasts there is also the appropriate infrastructure and services.

What is the history of Nea Anchialos?

Nea Anchialos was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Pyrasos, which was destroyed in 217 BC. This city mentioned by the Hommer was ruled by Protesilaos who took part in the Trojan War with 40 ships.

The new city that was created flourished in the 7th century AD and reached a high cultural, artistic and spiritual level. The city was independent with its own laws and its own currency. Excavations at the site have uncovered a number of findings, including early Christian basilicas, public buildings, baths, and a large number of mosaics that adorned many buildings.

Today, Nea Anchialos faces the modern era as a contemporary seaside tourist resort. Many residents of Volos but also tourists (especially in summer) visit it for the beaches, the nice restaurants, and its historical monuments.

About Nea Anchialos, Magnesia

Last updated: 24 Apr 2021

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