Shopping Mall «Mediterranean Cosmos»

Experience near Thessaloniki (13.5km ≈ approx.)

Among the biggest Greek malls with shopping, food, entertainment, and playground, Mediterranean Cosmos is a convenient, all-in-one place.

The Shopping Mall "Mediterranean Cosmos" that opened on the 20th of October 2005, is considered the biggest mall in Greece. While the owning company (Lamda Development) argues that it includes the greatest variety of brands, companies, and entertainment in south-east Europe.

Mediterranean Cosmos is located in the east part of the city at Pylaia district and just 5 kilometers from the International Airport of Thessaloniki. The followed architectural concept is very close to an actual indoor village and among others, it includes more than 200 retail shops, an 11-screen cinema, cafeterias, restaurants, and bars as well as the church of Agios Andreas (St. Andrew).

Thousants of locals but also tourists are among the daily guests of the shopping mall. The easy access to a parking lot (that has a low daily cost thought) and the vast variety of choices make shopping and entertainment an easy and efficient process.

Given that Thessaloniki is a favorite shopping destination for a series of Balkan neighboring countries Mediterranean Cosmos attracts many foreign customers. The huge parking place of the mall facilitates the tourists who travel to Halkidiki by car in order to have a nice break during their trip.

About Shopping Mall «Mediterranean Cosmos»

Last updated: 16 Apr 2021

address 11th km. national road Thessalonikis - Neon Moudanion, 570 01, Greece
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