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Untouched by the Great Fire of 1917, Ano Poli (Upper Town) has an idyllic atmosphere and the another-era feel. You want to stroll around here.

What and where is Ano Poli or the Thessaloniki Old Town?

This area was among the few lucky places to avoid being consumed by the 1917 Great Thessaloniki Fire. Many buildings have preserved their old architecture and tiled roofs, and thus, in Thessaloniki's old town, you get a village feel. Ano Poli is rich with Byzantine and Ottoman sightseeing, great eateries, and panoramic views.

It is north of St. Demetrius Church and extends along the Byzantine walls.

Why is it called "Ano Poli"?

The old town is mainly called "Ano Poli", meaning the Upper Town, and refers to its location in relation to the city. Being uphill allows a superb view of Thessaloniki and the gulf.

Should I go to Thessaloniki Old Town?

A habitual city noise will occasionally poke you out of daydreaming, but the area's relative tranquility is the best environment, not only for a visit but for accommodation. Note, however, that there are not many accommodation options around.

In this neighborhood, you enjoy old-style Macedonian and Balkan architecture, green spaces and gardens, and cool breezes from the sea that circulate better among the less dense development. Traditionally, Ano Poli is where poets, intellectuals, and bohemians prefer housing.

Strolling around in Ano Poli, Thessaloniki?

Certainly, walk around the Tsinari area and dine in any of the taverns that offer delicious Greek dishes in a old-school environment, preferably one with live music.

Finally, in a walk through the narrow streets of the Ano Poli, you come across the Eptapyrgion towers, and the Byzantine wall remains, Latomou and Vlatadon monasteries, four old churches, the Alantza Imaret mosque, and the Eastern Roman baths at Krispou square.

About Old (Upper) Town of Thessaloniki

Last updated: 15 Apr 2021

address Ano Poli, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, 546 33, Greece
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