Old (Upper) Town of Thessaloniki

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This neighborhood is close to Thessaloniki's vivid city center but it has a calm atmosphere that travels the visitor to another era.

The old town of Thessaloniki is a place next to the center of the city and resembles a village. It is located north of the Church of St. Demetrius and extends up to the Byzantine walls.

It is one of the few regions of Thessaloniki that survived the big fire of 1917, a fact helped towards the preservation of the Byzantine and Ottoman era design that was largely destroyed after the reconstructions that followed the big fire.

Why the old town of Thessaloniki is called "Ano Poli"?

The old town is mainly called "Ano Poli" by the locals. Ano Poli literally means "Upper Town" and refers to the fact that this part of the city is located uphill towards the region that hosts the northern walls of Thessaloniki. Among others, this characteristic allows many houses and spots to have a tremendous view of the rest of the city and the Thermaikos Gulf.

How is Ano Poli in Thessaloniki?

A walk around the narrow streets of Ano Poli, brings to mind the streets of the Greek islands. While finding such a place so close to the city center of Thessaloniki is a totally unexpected surprise for the visitors.

Many houses of this neighborhood follow the typical Macedonian and Balkan architecture, while even if it is very close to the city center, this old-style preserved and sustainable architecture creates a friendlier living environment away from the noises and the stressful city concept.

Furthermore, it stands for its cool micro-climate. This is created by the trees and the vegetation in the yards of the houses as well as the cool breezes from the sea that circulate better among the less dense architecture. Traditionally, Ano Poli is the home place of many elderly but also attracts poets, intellectuals, and bohemians of the city.

All those make almost mandatory for everyone to visit one of the small traditional tavernas of the Ano Poli which offer some of the typical Greek dishes in an extraordinary environment.

What are the attractions of Ano Poli of Thessaloniki?

Finally, a walk through the narrow streets of Ano Poli will reveal some famous attractions like:

  • Eptapyrgion
  • Wall remains
  • Hosios David Church (Latomou monastery)
  • Vlatadon monastery
  • Alantza Imaret mosque
  • Taxiarches Church
  • Byzantine bath of Krispou square
  • Church of Saint Nikolaos Orfanos
  • Saint Ekaterini church
  • Prophet Ilias church

About Old (Upper) Town of Thessaloniki

Last updated: 15 Apr 2021

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