Shopping in the City Center of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Experience

In these buzzing streets you will run across every kind of shop and marketplace as well as street musicians, food peddlers, bars and cafés.

Without any doubt Thessaloniki is one of the most significant shopping cities in the whole region. The city center hosts many shops and shopping centers that offer a vast variety of products and can cover the needs of every single customer.

Traditionally, Thessaloniki was a trade center not only for northern Greece but also for the broader Balkan region. This status follows the city until today, so consumers from neighboring countries are always a significant part of the visitors, especially during the weekends.

Among the most well-known streets which are famous for the quality but also for the high prices are Tsimiski and Mitropoleos. There, someone can find exclusive brands, international labels, and products signed by world-famous designers. In other streets, parallel to Tsimiski, like Ermou and Egnatia there are shops with less expensive clothes and shoes, while in Navarinou square the existing shops offer more alternative clothing choices.

Shopping in Thessaloniki center can never be without a "character" and that means it should be more an experience than just an activity. The great number of fast foods, restaurants, tavernas, and cafeterias offer always "re-charging" breaks between visiting shops and shopping centers.

Last but not least, the pace of shopping is slower here! This is almost a cultural distinctiveness exactly as the pace of everyday life which is more "easy-going" here, comparing to other Greek cities and especially the capital of Athens. For sure the locals are aware and very proud of that.

About Shopping in the City Center of Thessaloniki

Last updated: 15 Apr 2021

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